English Classes

Dalton Language Institute offers beginning through advanced English classes to prepare ESL students for university studies and for life. Our English courses are offered in the evenings. Full-time and part-time class schedules are available. We are ideally located in the northwest Georgia area, between Atlanta and Chattanooga TN. Housing in Dalton is very affordable and available. Contact us for more info.

Course Information and Pricing


Level Days Time Begins Ends  


Beginning Sat & Sun 9:00AM Jan 6 May    
Low Intermediate  T & T 4:30-6PM Jan 9 May    
Beginning  M & W 4:30-6PM Jan 8 May    
High Intermediate  T & T 6-7:30PM Jan 9 May    
Advanced  M & W 6-7:30PM Jan 8 May    
Private Clases  Any day  Any time        
Semi Private Classes  Any day  Any time